Types of Reviews

Type of Review Description
Expert reviewed The map has been examined and/or edited by a species' expert or specialist of the species group. The review of the expert typically considers the correctness of the environmental envelopes in describing species tolerances, the adequacy of the sample size and representativeness of point data used, and the agreement of the predicted maximum range extent and relative probability of occurrence within that range with the species' known presence and relative occurrences.
Team reviewed The map has been checked and/or edited by the AquaMaps map validation team for consistency with distribution data in FB/SLB/AlgaeBase or in comparison with published species distribution maps. Team reviewed maps adequately capture the current knowledge about the overall geographic range and at least some of the environmental enveloped thresholds have been verified using independent published information. The adequacy of the sample size of the point data used, and the agreement of predicted probability of occurrence with known relative occurrences of the species are generally not considered in the map rating given. By default, this map will be replaced when one reviewed by a species' expert becomes available.

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