This version is based on maps generated in previous exercises and only includes only species currently mapped in a single FAO
area. Based on the small subset, it does not represent global species richness.

We are looking for partners / projects to help us cover the missing areas.

Freshwater Biodiversity Map: click on the map to obtain local species list for that area. Dataset Extent Map

How to Cite Freshwater AquaMaps

Kesner-Reyes, K., Garilao, C., Snoeks, J., Musschoot, T., Boden G., Freire, K., Trindade-Santos, I., Hu, J., Zhang, F.W., Xing, Y.C., Prud’homme, O., Östergren, J., Rees, T., Kaschner, K., Kullander, S.O., & Froese, R. (2021, May). Freshwater AquaMaps: Predicted range maps for freshwater fish. Retrieved from

Using Full or Large Sets of Freshwater AquaMaps Data

Freshwater AquaMaps is a work in progress. We strongly encourage partnering with the team for any research project or publication that would make use of this dataset to ensure that the limitations of this version are clearly understood and addressed, and that critical maps and/or unlikely results are recognized as such and double-checked for correctness prior to drawing conclusions and/or subsequent publication.

The Freshwater AquaMaps team can be contacted through Rainer Froese.


AquaMaps generates standardized computer-generated and fairly reliable large scale predictions of marine and freshwater species. Although the AquaMaps team and their collaborators have obtained data from sources believed to be reliable and have made every reasonable effort to ensure its accuracy, many maps have not yet been verified by experts and we strongly suggest you verify species occurrences with independent sources before usage. We will not be held responsible for any consequence from the use or misuse of these data and/or maps by any organization or individual.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License (CC-BY-NC). You are welcome to include text, numbers and maps from AquaMaps in your own web sites for non-commercial use, given that such inserts are clearly identified as coming from AquaMaps, with a backward link to the respective source page. Note that although species photos and drawings draw mainly from FishBase and SeaLifeBase, they belong to the indicated persons or organizations and have their own copyright statements.

Species ID:
Species No.
   122 - 207
   72 - 121
   43 - 71
   26 - 42
   15 - 25
   9 - 14
   6 - 8
   4 - 5
   3 - 3
   1 - 2