Standardized distribution maps for over 33,500 species of fishes, marine mammals and invertebrates

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NEW  We are happy to announce the opening of the official AquaX Laboratory at the Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science (University of Miami) on November 1, 2023.

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HOT OFF THE PRESS: Hodapp, D., Roca, I T., Fiorentino, D., Garilao, C., Kaschner, K., Kesner-Reyes, K., Schneider, B., Segschneider, J., Kocsis, Á T., Kiessling, W., Brey, T., & Froese, R. (2023). Climate change disrupts core habitats of marine species. Global Change Biology, 00, 1–14. doi:10.1111/gcb.16612.

About this site: This website is restored from AquaMaps v. 10/2019 and features the full set of species range maps in the AquaMaps collection. Some tools, however, are still being maintained and upgraded and will be returned at the soonest possible time. We appreciate your patience throughout the AquaMaps service interruption during the last few months. Should you encounter any issues accessing this website, please contact Kathleen Reyes at

Please continue to stay tuned for further updates including the launching of the new website in early 2024.

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Marine Biodiversity Map: click on the map to obtain local species list for that area.
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Data sources: GBIF OBIS
AquaMaps is a joint project of FishBase and SealifeBase
Species No.
   3973 - 9975
   1583 - 3972
   631 - 1582
   252 - 630
   101 - 251
   41 - 100
   17 - 40
   7 - 16
   4 - 6
   1 - 3