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used for envelope calculation
Abalistes stellarisRainer Froese2009-12-14 00:00:00*Lost PicFishBase-reviewed:
Increased PrefMax salinity to 39 ppt and decreased PrefMinPP to 300 to bring the species into the Gulf of... More

Abalistes stellarisKathleen K. Reyes2015-12-09 07:33:23*Lost PicFishBase-reviewed:
Species not known from Atlantic. Adjusted eastern limit of bounding box from 6ºW to 21ºE. Minimum sea surface temperature increased from 13.4ºC to 20ºC. Preferred maximum and maximum salinity increased from 35.4 to 39, and from 39.6 to 40, respectively. Preferred minimum primary production decreased... More

Abalistes stellatusRainer Froese2009-12-16 00:00:00*Lost PicFishBase-reviewed:
Set the eastern boundary such that the species is not shown in Midway Islands and Hawaii; increased preferred maximum salinity to increase spread in the Red... More

Ablabys taenianotusKathleen K. Reyes2011-06-20 23:43:25*Lost PicFishBase-reviewed:
Adjusted species bounding box from 26ºN/31ºS/58ºE/179ºE to 38ºN/31ºS/90ºE/179ºE. Northern limit is extended to southern Yellow Sea and Japan (FishBase Refs. 37819, 12711) while western limit kept to Andaman Sea (FishBase Ref. 37816). Minimum sea surface temperature increased from 18ºC to 19.8ºC.... More

Ablennes hiansKathleen K. Reyes2011-06-21 00:45:35*Lost PicFishBase-reviewed:
Adjusted western and eastern limit of species bounding box to 180ºW and 180ºE, respectively. Increased sea surface temperature from 12.7ºC to... More